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So the grades came in.

4.0 in Hebrew, 4.0 in Near Eastern History, and a 3.8 in Statistics (which I totally wasn't expecting).  Yay!

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Gaack, it's been a long time.

Things are good, in general.  I'm having orthotics fitted for my feet and starting light therapy for my mood (which isn't bad, I just get sluggish this time of year).  Greg and I are doing great.  School is keeping me busy.  I'm taking two language classes next quarter and I'm not entirely sure that's a good idea, but we'll see.

For those who may be inclined to use it, I am posting my Amazon wishlist here because I can't think of a better place.


I will try to post more after finals.

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This cold can just go away now.

School starts again on the 24th, and I need to start figuring out when I need to wake up and where all my classes are.  Dry run one of these days, perhaps.


On very short notice (because my boss is way cool) I will be taking almost two weeks off work - from the 3rd to the 13th.

I am going to attempt housecleaning but I'll take other suggestions as well.

You too kan bee smurt liek meeee!

I got into college.  The big purple "Welcome" envelope must have come yesterday.

I'm glad to know so soon.  I can't exactly feel excited right now because it's coming up on the end of the quarter and also I really need to eat dinner.  But I'm sure the excitement will come soon.  I'll have to browse around the course offerings here in a bit.


What have I been up to?

School is ending in a couple of weeks, so obviously that has been a big drain on my time, but I've managed to do other stuff too.

Last Saturday:  Mostly Human and I bailed from a baby shower, then headed down to Ballard to watch the Norwegian Constitution Day parade - or, really, to people watch at the parade.  Quick dinner, nap, back out to the bar to watch the now incredibly drunk Scandahoovians.  Good times.

Last Sunday:  We took the scooter downtown and attempted to attend the Cheese Festival at Pike Place, but it was too crowded, so we stopped in at the Bug Zoo at the market, and then down to Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe to look at the mummies.  Then, in the evening, bison burgers.

This past Saturday:  Took the scooter out for shopping (I needed sandals), and then over to Alki for ice cream, and then out for sushi.  Went out for a little bit, then came home for cheese and crackers and TV.

Sunday:  Took me on the motorcycle on the freeway for the first time.  We were going to try to make it to the pass, but it looked rainy so we stopped to take a look at Snoqualmie Falls, then came back the long way at bit, over 520, stopped for coffee on Capitol Hill, went to a barbecue, had pizza, came home and went out again for a bit later.

Yesterday:  Errands, I did some homework, Mostly Human bought a new helmet and got his hair cut, more barbecued bison.

So you see, I have been getting out in the sunshine and enjoying myself.  Graduation is June 14th, but there are no firm plans as yet.